“I waited to replace my hearing aids until Ramona opened Sound Advice Hearing in Orleans because she is so knowledgeable, honest, caring, personable and professional. Ramona found the perfect replacement pair of high end hearing aids in the Signia line and they are a great improvement! In addition, the price for these top of the line devices was $2,000 less than the highly advertised ones being replaced and that had been far less satisfactory. I am happy Ramona chose to go back into the business she knows so well. It’s always a pleasure to keep an appointment with her and to be able to depend on her expertise in the audiology field.” Marie Sherman of Brewster

“This is a serious post to anyone with mild to severe hearing loss.

I’ve worn hearing aids for years. Yesterday I had an appointment at Sound Advice Hearing in Orleans to upgrade my old hearing aids. I purchased a new pair . Ramona made available to me the best hearing aids I have ever experienced and the price was very affordable. Hearing aid technology has advanced so much and Sound Advice Hearing has a variety of new advanced hearing aids to choose from. After I had my new hearing aids in and adjusted properly I felt sad thinking of everyone that has hearing problems but has never had the chance to own a ‘good’ pair of high technology hearing aids!

Don’t put off calling Ramona at 774-810-2264. Make the appointment for your own hearing consultation. Seriously, you will be surprised at how much hearing aids  will help you enjoy a better quality of life at a reasonable price. Sound Advice hearing is located at 195 Route 6A in Orleans.”

Peter Robert Cook – on Facebook